It is the lockdown time because of covid-19 virus and all countries of the world shut down businesses, travels, schools, organizations, and the likes because of the much dreaded virus. Everyone is advised to stay indoors to prevent contact with this deadly microbe. An acronym has also been adopted by the world and everyone echoes “stay safe”.

Governments, health institutions, non-governmental organizations’ had been so busy to make sure this monster is eradicated and everyone is safe and free  to transact and have previous normal lives as it had been before the scourge.

So as everyone echoes and resonates ‘stay safe’, a scripture verse keeps coming to my mind, “For when they shall say, peace and safety, then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child, and they shall not escape.” 1Thess 5:3. I reflected on this and said, could it be that when the scourge is over and the world shouts out for peace and safety, then the Lord comes to take His own away and the great tribulation starts?

Subsequent verses till verse 11 in this passage encourages the believers to walk in the light of righteousness so the day of the Lord (rapture) does not catch them unawares. The Bible urges believers not to sleep spiritually but stay awake for the coming of their Redeemer.

Dear readers, we cannot do less. Remember the wise and foolish  virgins that Jesus spoke of. Put the oil of grace in your lamps through prayers, reading the word, online fellowships and the likes. Trim your lamps, stay awake in holiness and righteousness till our Saviour appears. It may be tomorrow, today or the next few mins, are you ready?

Get set!! We will soon be gone!!!



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