Time waits for no one they say
With wisdom time should be spent
Time goes away day by day
Make use of every moment

Everything has a season
Says the book of the preacher
And there must be a reason
For everything my brother

At toiling time seeds we sow
A time comes to pluck the corn
At death time he’ll close his brow
After that baby was born

A time of peace and calmness
When all around us is right
Then of pressure and sadness
Hold His word and be upright

Time will soon be past dear friend
The world is ending, give heed
Are you ready for the end
We’ll give account of our deed.

Christ died to save you from sin
Gave His life for you, yes you
He knocks your door let Him in
Now let Him in start anew

Now is the time to repent
Grace will soon fore’er be past
If you’re saved please don’t relent
You will soon be home at last

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