He was so disturbed by the dream, that he didn’t notice his friend had been in the room for close to ten minutes. Hadex was well reputed as a very beautiful Christian to everyone who crossed his path. His sacrificial giving and commitment, both to his spiritual and secular assignments were second to none. He was so diligent when it comes to any assigned duties. He occasionally would give up his comfort for the sake of others, and he sometimes had his rights denied for standing for the right.

Several times, he came at loggerheads with his superior at work because of his refusal to doctor figures for their organization’s financial gain. This resulted in his promotion being intentionally delayed. Although his family was a very rich one, he had been rejected, following his refusal to compromise his Christian stand. Although he was the most senior son, he refused to accent to giving his late dad a second burial. Additionally, he did not support his younger brother’s remarriage to a second wife, after he separated from his lawfully wedded wife.

Andrec on the other hand was a socialite, a well-known society woman who worked in the same office with him. She never bothered about God, neither did she take the issue of eternity seriously. After work, she would spend many hours at the bar, and eventually drive recklessly home in company of some of her friends. She knew how to manipulate things to her favour without giving a damn. Her promotion was always timely because of the relationship she had with “those in charge”. She was loved by all around her because of her ability to blend.

One day after work, Hadex couldn’t leave on time. It had rained heavily and so, there was a crowd of passengers waiting at the bus stop. Andrec sighted him in the crowd and decided to give him a lift. He had preached to her severally but this was another opportunity. As soon as he got into the car, he immediately started a conversation revolving around the gospel message. She got angry and asked him to alight from the vehicle and thereafter sped off. He got home very late, heavily drenched, he didn’t bother to eat.

Within minutes, he had slept off. He found himself knocked down by a vehicle after he alighted from Andrec’s car, and was between life and death. Before she could reverse to assist, some good Samaritans had taken him to the hospital. The doctor however pronounced him already dead. Andrec who followed closely behind, met him being certified dead. She was filled with guilt, she let out a loud cry asking God for mercy. There and then, she repented of her sinful lifestyle and promised that she would serve God henceforth, so she would meet with Hadex in heaven at last.

There was an aspect of Hadex’s life that nobody knew. He had struggled with a besetting sin, and frequently he would cry and repent in secret. He felt it would be a terrible scandal should this secret be discovered, so he continued to cover up. He found himself standing before God in judgement and the secret sin came to the fore. Despite having served God so dutifully, he had a black spot on his garment. He was told to depart into everlasting perdition and burnings. It then dawned on him that he had none of the two worlds: Heaven forever missed, earth’s sinful pleasure denied.

He woke up trembling, he had been asleep for just thirty minutes. He thanked God that it was just a dream, and he had a second chance. Immediately, he made up his mind to make his way right. He had no other option, but to make the necessary restitution, if indeed he wouldn’t want to miss Heaven eventually. His friend noticed that he was troubled and asked what the problem was. Narrating the dream, they both knelt down to pray until Hadex had the peace of mind that he had been forgiven and that he had the confidence for his restitution.

Friend, how is your life? Filled with dark spots and wrinkles or spotless and white? Are there times you’ve dreamt that you missed the rapture and you thanked God it was a dream but you never bothered to search out why so you can settle with God? Are there sins you still indulge in secretly? Secret pornography, lust, extra-marital affairs, fraud, lies etc? Sin in whatever shade will lead you to everlasting perdition and shame. Despite your profession, you will not be able to enter into Heaven with sin, no matter how minute. Check your life, examine yourself, make amends while still you may.
May the Lord help us all, amen.

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