It was another moment to view her gallery of old collections from Google Photos. Tinky loved old memories, especially when they come with dates. For most people, pleasant old scenes and experiences when brought to the fore, create pleasurable feelings and enjoyable moments which leave huge positive impressions. Returning to the same old places such as our usual recreational spots while we were children, old farm settlements and our former high school can bring back lots of old memories, which we all cherish.

Such is the case when we remember how we started with the Lord. While on a narration of God’s faithfulness to others, we reflect on how we lived in sin and carelessness. How we did cover-ups as moral churchgoers; everyone thought we were saints, while in fact, we were rotten sinners. We remember how we had an encounter with the Lord, when we heard the gospel message; we think of how we were convicted and the changed life that followed thereafter. Oh memories!

There are precious moments we dare not forget in our lives. If we forget our source, our little beginnings, we will surely run dry, and the future will not be in sight. Yes! We must remember. Think of how faithful God has been through the thick and thin of our lives. We must remember his interventions daily, especially when we were at crossroads. We must remember his deliverance from evil now and then. We must reflect and remember.

Jacob was commanded by God to go back to Bethel (Genesis 35). Bethel was where he first met the Lord, and the Abrahamic covenant was transferred to him. He had fled from his family after his plot and successful theft of his brother’s blessings and went alone to a future that was not so sure. He was on his way to self-exile for 20 years but encountered God, who promised blessings.

At a later time in his life, when God asked him to go back to Bethel, he had become a very successful man with a large household and a massive agribusiness. He obeyed and brought all his family who had derailed at this time. His relationship with God was renewed, and God’s covenant with him was reaffirmed. We, too, must seek to refresh ourselves in the Lord and revisit the covenant we made to follow him to the end.

Joshua as well, after crossing the river Jordan with the miracle God did in parting the river, raised twelve stones from the river and created a monument for upcoming generations to see. (Joshua 4:3-10). The structure was set up to keep the memory of that great event. It was to show upcoming generations that the miracle was real and it served as evidence for them. It was to remind those who experienced that moment how great the true God is, The great God of Israel.

We also, in this generation, must intentionally create godly moments that will outlive us to prove how great our God is. We must not pass through planet earth like birds passing through the air. They pass, and there is no trace in the air that birds had flown through that path. We must live as God’s giants who made great and indelible marks on the sands of time. Yes, we must! What would you be remembered for? What impact are you making? Is it a good or bad one?

If you die today, what would be the most correct epitaph that will be placed on your grave? Is it that you were careless, lazy, selfish and never got anything done for God or that you even discouraged people who would have been believers because of your bad conduct? What would your family, in-laws, church, co-workers, co-students, neighbours, and community fellows remember you for? Which account is being recorded for you in Heaven? It is a moment of sober reflection, seek the Lord while He may be found.

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