It was the turn of little Bran to say a prayer as the family made their way into the car. He prayed thanking God for air to breath, water to drink and committed the family’s daily activity into God’s hands. The mother said amen with every other member of the family but she imagined how life would be if we had no air to breathe, no water to drink or couldn’t go to the toilet to ease ourselves easily. We do all these everyday not paying so much attention to how life would be if we couldn’t achieve any of these things that matter and we take them for granted.

Generally, in life, we make light of simple things that have long term effects here on earth and in eternity. Some couples tend to lose the sense of courtesy and affection as the marriage goes on. Using the golden words – ‘Sorry’ ‘Thank you’ ‘I love you’ ‘Please forgive me’ and the rest may look so little, but they sure solve a lot of relationship problems in the home and elsewhere. We must take note of these little things. Spouses are to also avoid little things that get their partner irritated.

Many times, doing good to others is not always something major or big. A little assistance, a little gift on a special day, a warm wish, a smile, few sentences of encouragement and lending hope in the midst of despair will go a long way to make our world a pleasant place to live. Showing a little understanding for those going through challenges will make them feel loved and give them the strength to move on at such difficult times.

A little patience can also save one from a lot of troubles. Patience while driving would prevent a lot of major and minor accidents on the road. A little more patience while awaiting something could just make you realize what you hoped for. A little endurance with patience while passing through challenges may solve the problem. In 1 Samuel 30: 8-18, David, on his way to recover his family and possession that had been carted away, gave a little attention to a sick stranger, a servant who was abandoned by his own master. He offered food and water and the man later served as a catalyst to his conquest. Don’t be too busy and cumbered to pay attention to people in need, because of your situation. Patience is a virtue the Bible encourages us to add to our faith to be able to make it to heaven (2 Peter 1: 5-10).

Little positive actions matter and so does little compromises and sins. Many people avoid major sins and then gloss over the so-called ‘little’ ones like lies, gossip, backbiting, dishonesty and swearing. No sin is so little to gloss over, and we must be careful not to be presumptuous over these so-called little sins. We must avoid compromises at places of work and other places in the society, if we will make it eventually to heaven. Little things do matter and we must pay more attention. May the Lord help you & me. (Amen).

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