All around the world, from the East to West
There’s one common theme, it’s COVID-19
Nations of the world, know not what to do
Sit at home and so, limit social life

In our country here, and in others too
Do not congregate, lest you spread the plague
The Church not left out, has been affected
Churches have been closed, movement restricted

A few weeks ago, we moved freely round
We met in thousands, it was not a crime
But alas today, you get arrested
Should you flout the law, being more than two tens (20)

In my own state here, we’ve been told to close
No Church services, or you’ll contravene
This reminded me, and that rightly too
Amidst all of these, the trumpet may sound

Amidst all of these, the trumpet may sound
The saints may be called, to their home on high
How prepared are you, how ready am I
Should the trumpet sound, amidst all of these

Check and examine, your life now dear friend
Any secret sin, any sinful spots
Don’t just hurry on, take some time to pray
Talk to Jesus now, while His grace is free

Settle everything, now it’s not too late
It will be so tough, if you’re left behind
May we not be here, with the Antichrist
May we not be lost, may we not be damned. AMEN

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