The work of creation and the forces of nature started so many years ago. The hand of the Almighty has kept it in place since it’s inception. The mountains, seas, oceans, sky, sun, moon, stars, plants, animals, and all other forces and elements of nature had been up held by the faithful hand of the great God.

The Lord, who made man the crown of the creation has also given him creative power to invent in various works of life. Think of science, agriculture, engineering, music, arts, and the likes. The list remains endless. The constant work of nature and the relatively stable creations of men had deceived so many to think that things will be as they had always been. In fact the atheist even denies the fact that there is a God behind all of God’s creation.

No! Things will not be as they had always been. Just like we see inventions of men being rapidly changed, things will not be as they had always been. Take a pause, think of phones you had that was the talk of the town, flashy cars that made you proud, fashions that made you blush and music that echoed everywhere. They were in vogue and possibly the talk of the town years ago but had all become obsolete now. People can only reminisce, their memories are no more at the foremost.

Life with both its negatives and positives will not also be constant. Law of Medes and Persia which they said cannot change had long become a part of history. It is no longer binding on anyone. No matter how good or how bad a situation seems, nothing lasts forever. If all around you spiritually, educationally, mentally and career seems so nice, thank God, but do not rest on your oars. Cultivate the garden of your heart to remain fresh with the Lord, keep abreast of information to remain educationally relevant. Cultivate your relationship with God so it does not go sour. Remember again, nothing lasts forever.

If on the other side of the coin, you think life had treated you badly and has been unfair to you, my friend, nothing lasts forever. Things can and will change by God’s loving grace. It is not too late. Whatever unpleasant situation you’ve been through in life, nothing will eventually last forever. Don’t lose hope, hold on to the miracle worker, the one who turns water into wine, parts the red sea, walks on water, heals the blind, lame and lepers. He cast out evil spirits with his word and even raised Lazarus who had been dead for four days. Your Situation is not difficult for Him. Don’t resign to fate, trust Him. He specializes in impossibilities. you will smile again.

Whatever it is we have out of this life here on earth, it won’t last forever, God has a timetable on which the world operates and it will sure expire at God’s own time. After all of life’s goodies and troubles, we will all be gone. However, where will you spend eternity? Are you saved? Washed in the blood of Jesus? If not, why not? Lay aside whatever ties you to the world. Overcome sin in any of its forms. His grace is sufficient for you if you will let him do it. Backsliders and compromisers, should not continue to count on history when their current life contradicts the Christian life. Ask Jesus into your life afresh and let Him have all of you. A glorious end awaits you at the end of this life, if only you ask Jesus into your life and journey with Him till life is over.
May you yield to His non-changing love that bids you come. (Amen)


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