There I sat feeling sad for the wasted produce
I laboured for it, they made it rotten, I mused
Then the Saviour said so likewise my heart bled
For the gospel message you had refused to spread

Jesus gave parting words prior His ascension
To believers, He handed the great commission
Go ye into all the world and preach salvation
So, everyone knows and act on my provision

Early believers preached to all Jews and pagan
The scripture they preserved for this generation
Twenty-first-century believers, it’s our turn
Spread the gospel before His imminent return

Wake from slumber, stop the nonchalant attitude
Heed the obvious signs around, the clear news issued
Don’t be too lazy, get up now, how dare you sleep
When the ripened harvest of souls you ought to reap

Then on the last day, when we’ve done our very best
Lost souls, once in darkness, now found eternal rest
Then we will receive rewards, oh the crown of Life
We’ll ever rejoice that Christ helped us in the strife

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