THE RICH FOOL (Luke 12:16-21)

Take thine ease and eat dear soul

My soul drink and merry be

For bountiful are the fruits

And plenty the goods you’ve got


I’ve worked hard over the years

And prepared for you the best

Much goods laid up for more years

Through my labour and my sweat


But I’ve no room to store these

Which my farm plentily brought

I’ll pull down this barn and build

Another to store more goods


But to him the Lord did say

This night thy soul I’ll require

Then whose shall those things now be

Which thou for thy soul stored up


That same night he got the call

He left all the wealth behind

He had so much earthly goods

But was not rich towards God


All the wealth that we amass

Cannot buy mansions on high

All the riches and the fame

Cannot buy God’s grace at all


All the houses we will build

Are but sand they’ll one day fall

All the money we will get

Are but paper they won’t last


All the books that we will read

Can not earn heaven’s applause

The certificates we have

Are not useful beyond time


All the clothes we will acquire

Will one day all turn to rags

Our beauties will one day fade

Our strengths will one day wane


To this world empty we came

And this world empty we’ll leave

Let’s for the Lord spend our lives

Our time and money too


Any thing we have on earth

Let us use for God alone

One day our accounts we’ll give

How we spent our days on earth


Let us towards God be rich

So we don’t end up being fools

My brethren let us be wise

So our souls will not be lost

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