Bible References: Psalm 30:4 – 5, Matthew 19:26, Gen 18:14, Romans 15:13

Life is full of tribulations and sufferings, different events that will make people to doubt if God is still God. The world is full of ups and downs which does not exclude anyone; it involves young and old, rich and poor, whites and blacks, fat and thin, short and tall, all tribes and countries. Even newborns and babies in the womb are not left out of the evil that happens in the world. Many have shocking stories to tell.

One of the weapons used by the devil is to torment people with different categories of pains and battles in order to distract them from focusing on the heavenly race. The Bible says the devil goes to and fro in the earth like a roaring lion seeking for whom to devour (Job 1:7; 1Peter 5:8). In an attempt to solve the heart breaking problems that rage all over, many fall deeper into the pit. These problems to mention a few include barrenness (this can be childlessness, physical, spiritual or financial barrenness), sicknesses and diseases as well as mental illness, marital distress, unemployment, retrenchment, and so many yet to be mentioned. These problems have diverted some faithful Christians to worldly solutions which have made them to derail out of the path of righteousness to the path of destruction and hell. Some have fallen into the hands of fraudulent pastors and sorcerers who place on them more burdens in addition to the existing problems. This results in greater torment after getting a brief or little relief from the problem. In the bid to solve one problem, they sell themselves into debts which they pay from generation to generation.

Despite all the troubles and challenges of man, there is a way out. Jesus said “come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matthew11:28). God sent His Son, Jesus Christ to relieve people from the torment of the devil. Jesus is still alive, He is able, Sin unrepented of is the only thing that can delay or prevent our true salvation in Christ. Also, lack of faith among Christians contributes to perpetual torment for the children of God. The devil makes Christians to think help cannot come from God by making them to have doubts about God’s willingness to intervene in their challenges. Jesus is in the boat, all He expect you to do is to call on Him as His disciples did and He said ‘Peace Be Still’ (Mark 4:39)

Mary and Martha lost hope on Lazarus.  In fact, he had been buried and forgotten like most people will do in that kind of situation but when Jesus stepped in, there was a great joy. God said, ‘Behold I am the God of all flesh, is there anything too hard for me?’ (Luke 1:37). He is the God that heareth prayers, unto Him shall all flesh come. (Psalm 65:2).

God is still telling His beloved to hold unto Him with faith no matter the situation, He is still God. He is in the boat, He can do anything for His children in His own way and time and there will be joy in the morning.

I’m concluding this article with this song:

Joy cometh in the morning (2ce). Though the sorrow may last for the night but joy cometh in the morning. Amen.

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