The Osilewis had lived in a rented apartment for so many years. One way or the other, they didn’t change this apartment and had raised all their kids in the same place. They had formed acquaintances, relationships, partnerships within the neighborhood and were comfortable, both with the apartment and the environment.

Over the years, this apartment became less optimal for residing. You can imagine a place that had not undergone major renovations for 15 years. Somehow, the plumbing had become bad. Electrical faults here and there, pest infestation too. So they decided to move to a building they had been building gradually, but slowly, over the years. This apartment was out of town, but would definitely be more comfortable. They set a time target and worked hard to meet the target because of the uncomfortable living situations. They also consoled themselves each day that the situation in which they’ve found themselves would soon be over.

The kids knew about the relocation plans, and were all the time fantasizing on how the new place would be, you can trust children. Day in day out, the fantasies grew- from colors of their rooms, to the type of beds and settees, then, televisions, gadgets, gardens and pool. The new school that should match the one they once attended and loved so dearly. They talked of it on daily basis and the eldest even made a power point presentation and playfully delivered to the parents on what was expected. Sure, they were eager and anxious for the new home while their parents perfected building plans.

As believers, this earth is not our home. We meet with a lot challenges, but this earth is not our home. We ought to comfort ourselves each time we meet with troubles that all tears will soon be wiped off our eyes as the Master bids us welcome to our mansion up yonder. We’ve formed a lot of relationship-close and casual, but this earth is not our home. We must be heaven bound and full of aspirations for home. Never allow any relationship or possession to be so dear that you cannot think of home. Not even long term achievements or success here on earth should dull your sense and eagerness for your mansion up yonder. We must be set like the Israelites were guarded and set when it was the eve of coming of out of Egypt.

The kids mentioned earlier fantasized about their new home, how much of longing for heaven do you have in your mind? Do you visualize the streets of gold, the trees of life, the twelve gates and twelve pearly foundations, the river of life, the elders, the creatures, the angels and the throne of the Almighty? Do you think about the crown of life, the stars on the crown, the new name in glory and the mansions fair?

Beloved, we are earth born, but we are heaven bound. We must not allow the little pains of the present to blind our sight of eternal bliss, our light affliction can never be compared with far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory (2 Corinthians 4:17). It will soon be over. Don’t lose focus we shall wear a golden crown. CHEERS!!

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