There she sat in a moment of imagination while searching for a document on her laptop. Rowly scrolled through so many requests while searching for the needed document. She imagined all those departmental requests landing on the managing director’s desk. Her imagination took her further, all other departments within the same organization would have many requests directed at this same managing director. She pitied this official, wondering how overwhelmed he would be, attending to all of these requests.

Considering how all humanity direct their uncountable requests to God and He never gets overwhelmed, she concluded that God, the Creator of the universe is Almighty. What a great God! Man’s needs are unending according to economists. As soon as one is solved, others surface. We are in constant search for means of livelihood and sustenance. Although the world’s population is estimated to be around 8 billion in 2023, God has never been overwhelmed with requests and providing for humanity. He is the unimaginable God, who alone can manage the universe with everything working well and nothing out of its place. He takes special delight in the prayers of His saints (Pro15:8). He hears them (Palm 37:4).

We must not think we bother God too much like Abraham while interceding for Sodom (Genesis 18: 32) He is all ears and willing to listen to all prayers offered to Him according to His will. I mean you can tell it all to Him, even down to the minutest details of your life. Don’t suffer in silence, don’t just give yourself over to complaints, murmuring, grumbling, worrying, anxiety. anger or frets. Rather than do all of these, spend a moment in prayers to table your requests to God (Philipians 4:6). He will answer your prayers. Any challenge you have must not be borne all alone by you and your family. God awaits your requests in the place of prayers. Don’t forget His past goodness to you and your previous testimonies. You can get more, and even much more, if you take your requests to God in prayers.

Has there been a time you’ve suffered on an issue so much; you have tried so many things to resolve it and yet you left out talking to the One who has all powers in His hands. You are not wise. Talk to God! Maybe His Spirit even nudges you to pray but you are so cumbered, please pray and stop the worries. Maybe someone encourages you to pray and you still do not take it to heart, Pray! I say Pray!! God is all ears. Hannah could have got carried away with merriments at Shiloh and forget that it is a place to touch God. She could have forgotten the sorrow of barrenness and retire to bed after the celebrations, after all, she would have been tired after all those busy moments. She didn’t forget to pray. She stayed awake when others had retired to bed, she got her needed miracle.

God can do all things for His saints, but He requires that we ask Him first (Ezekiel 36:37). Remember that God does not answer sinners (John 9:31), He requires that the sinner pray for repentance first, and connect with Him, before demanding any other thing. He also requires that the prodigal son, the backslider finds his way back to calvary before asking for earthly needs (Luke 15: 18-23). Make your ways right with God. He will answer prayers made according to His will and word. What is your latest challenge? Which problem have you struggled with for so many years? It is time to pray because God is all ears.

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