With the ancient key, doors still open up
Your path becomes straight, when your faith looks up
Standing on His word, His promises sure
You will sure rejoice, if your faith’s not blurred

He taught us to pray, in His holy name
Our troubles present, before His great throne
God’s word is so sure, He still answers prayer
Come believing friend, don’t be a doubter

Many shout upon, mountains and valleys
Like Baals’ prophets, all the day wailing
No answers receive, all the week calling
Their accounts with God, not yet settled is

In satan’s deceit, some may be thinking
For bribery offer, vigils and fasting
Like the corrupt man, think they God to pay
In place of the right, He’ll receive they say

The backsliders too, might have daily prayed
So long asked of Him, the heavens have knocked
But there’s a divide, and the veil untouched
Sin and compromise, they have not removed

Not for selfish gain, your prayers offer
For His kingdom’s growth, let your request soar
For His work on earth, He wants you toiling
The sinners rescue, believers building

Prayer is the key, that opens all doors
This ancient key is, for the rich and poor
Come believing then, have no other trust
Answers you’ll receive, your blessing a must

Keep on holding on, friend no longer sigh
Some great day ahead, in our home on high
Angels will welcome, all those who endured
There’ll be no more cares, our rest now ensured. Amen

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