What did the saints of old do

To fulfill their calling

What did the saints before us

Do to get the power


Perhaps they forsook the flesh

And its selfish biddings

Perhaps they yielded fully

To the Spirit’s leading


Perhaps they waited on God

Their strength they got renewed

Perhaps they made time for Him

While others just rushed on


Perhaps they prayed earnestly

The divine touch to get

Perhaps they gave up sleeping

Till the blessings they gained


Perhaps they yielded fully

To His gentle leading

Perhaps they were determined

God alone to obey


Perhaps they forsook the world

The inviting pleasures

Perhaps they denied themselves

What should be rightly theirs


Perhaps they were sore abused

Called names unbecoming

Perhaps they were spat upon

And made an offscouring


Perhaps they gave Him their all

Spirit soul and body

And never minded suffering

For the gospel’s dear sake


Perhaps they suffered anguish

And they were forsaken

Perhaps they had some trials

And were persecuted


Perhaps they were rejected

By their friends and loved ones

Who did not understand them

Nor the paths they’ve taken


Perhaps they were left lonely

Travelled the path alone

Perhaps they didn’t mind it

When pronounced an outcast


Perhaps they didn’t bother

Friends or no friends to have

Perhaps they made up their minds

Heaven alone to gain


Perhaps they stood against sin

And never compromised

Perhaps they made their stand known

Although standing alone


What did the saints of old do

To fulfill their calling

Surely they did all listed

Surely they stood for God


And what should you and I do

To fulfill our calling

We should follow the footsteps

Of saints gone before us


*May the Lord help you and me. Amen

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