Don’t be too busy

To keep in touch with Jesus

Don’t be too busy

To spend real time with God

Life is ebbing out

With every tick of the clock

Don’t get too busy

For the things that count in life


Don’t be too busy

To have some quiet moments

Moments of waiting

Moments of meditation

While the world rushes

Hustle and bustle endless

Don’t get too busy

Have moments of solitude


Don’t be too busy

Sorting out other issues

While your soul’s interest

You do not have time to seek

The most important

Of your daily endeavours

Don’t get too busy

To give great attention to


Don’t be too busy

To spend good time in prayer

Get in your closet

Make known to God your requests

Tell Him your problems

Get on your knees speak to Him

Don’t get too busy

He’ll hear your supplication


Don’t be too busy

Studying and getting degrees

While you daily shun

The word of God to study

Never a moment

Of disregarding His words

Don’t get too busy

Spend much time with the scriptures


Don’t be too busy

Spare some time for fellowship

Gathering together

With God’s beloved people

Lifts up your spirit

Gets you in tune with heaven

Don’t get too busy

Sweet is God’s children’s gathering


Don’t be too busy

To touch someone’s life for good

As you journey on

Lend someone a helping hand

Reach out to people

Be a friend to the needy

Don’t get too busy

To give a smile to someone


Don’t be too busy

To reach out with the gospel

To preach to sinners

And save them from hell’s suffering

Act now while you may

Tomorrow may be too late

Don’t get too busy

Eternity is endless


Don’t be too busy

Renew your consecration

Your vows and promise

To serve the Lord relentless

Spend and be spent too

Give Him the best of service

Don’t get too busy

Great is your blessed reward.

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