Watching for Christ our Saviour
Watching for His return
Watching in holy living
Watching in righteousness

Waiting in intercession
Waiting seeking His face
Waiting preaching the Gospel
Waiting and ready too

Watching with our lights burning
Watching in obedience
Watching with our loins girded
Watching our lamps so bright

Waiting faithfully waiting
Waiting His spotless Bride
Waiting salvation intact
Waiting for the Bridegroom

Watching be sure you’re ready
Watching be sure you’re clean
Watching be sure you’re holy
Watching He’ll come again

Waiting yes keep on waiting
Waiting keep holding on
Waiting the trump expecting
Waiting we’ll soon be gone

Let’s watch and wait my brethren
We’re nearer home right now
May the Lord find us watching
And find us waiting too. AMEN

© Pause and ponder

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