I stood beside a busy road
Once upon a time
And watched the sons of men around
For a little while

Some driving but some walking too
Moving up and down
To do the business of the day
As they journey on

Their movement did not seem to stop
All the time I watched
I’ve got some serious business here
They all seemed to say

What business have you got to do
If I may but ask
Some things to buy and things to sell
Just to make ends meet

It’s close of day and time to rest
Until the next morn
And once again the struggle starts
From the dawn till dusk

This cycle for most men go on
Till the end of life
They labour only for the flesh
Till it’s time to go

The thought now comes
What have I gained
All my donkey years
What will I go with when I die
Not a pin at all

As we move on my Christian friend
Be not like the man
That journeys on through all this life
With nothing to show

We’re building for eternity
Every passing day
While some are careless some are sure
Friend you should be wise

Let’s spend our days for God and then
When this life is o’er
We’ll know we’ve not just wasted time
While on earth we were

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