I got a call this afternoon
About the rapture of the saints
The one who called has just been told
“The rapture has just taken place”

She called the Christian friend she knew
To confirm if the news was true
“My Christian friend sure won’t be here
If the news I’ve just heard is true”

With trepidation and real fear
She called the line to calm her nerves
“I hope the news I’ve heard is fake
I hope I’ve not been left behind”

The line rang and she heard her friend
Hello friend how are you today
She told her request very fast
I’ve just heard now a frightening news

The friend informed that wasn’t true
If that was true “I won’t be here
I would have gone with Christ my Lord
At the great rapture of the saints”

Her nerves were calmed her fears were gone
She heaved a sigh of great relief
“Thank God I’ve not been left behind
Thank God the rapture hasn’t been

The Christian friend still looked within
Within split seconds of the news
Could it be true I’ve missed it too
I just hope not dear Lord I plead

A day will come it will be true
The news will break the saints are gone
Will you be here to pick the calls
Of those who have been left behind

It’s time to search and make things right
The trumpet sound is very close
The end of time is very near
May we be wise my Christian friends

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