Children nowadays have great interest for mobile phones and other technologies. They understand what most adults do not understand on smart phones and could even teach adults their discoveries with so much amazement. It was another play time with mum’s android phone for 7-year-old Blest. She recorded a video which picked every silent conversation within her household while no one was aware of that. Several vices had also been reported on the social media when their actors were unaware they were being recorded. The CCTV picks all actions within its view even when people are not conscious that they were being recorded. There is an “unseen tape in heaven” which records every human’s action done in the secret and open, and it would be replayed on the final day; “for God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil” (Ecclesiastes 12:14, Jeremiah 23:24: Dan 2:22).

Many people live in hypocrisy in our current days. They live double-standard lives. Their actions and behaviour at work and while with unbelieving acquaintances is quite different from their behaviour in church. They are hardly recognized as believers in their neighborhood judging by their actions. They claim to be Christians by just professing it and telling people around them, but their lifestyle and actions are far from the life of the believer who has accepted Jesus. In fact, one should be wary of the one who keeps repeating ‘I’m a believer’ in the defense of an argument or to gain customers. You may eventually find out their profession is just a talk of the mouth. True believers most times show who they are by living the life of a Christian and not to announce to whoever cares to listen.

Some children from believing homes do things that are appalling when they are out of their parents watch. They become another individual entirely when they go to the boarding school or gain admission into the tertiary institution. Such children should remember there is an all-seeing eye watching them wherever they go. They must take a cue from the life of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego who refused to defile themselves with the portion of the king’s meat in a strange land (Daniel 1: 8). They even resisted the highest authority in the then world, Nebuchadnezzar, who asked them to worship his idol (Daniel 3:16-18). They stood their ground, putting their lives on the line. Joseph was also away from his family and homeland, but he refused to yield to the immoral advances of Portiphar’s wife (Gen39:10-13). Take your stand for the Lord, He sees you everywhere.

Believers must shun hypocrisy and a double standard life and stand for the totality of the scriptures. We must be faithful to God both in the secret and in the open. There is an all-seeing eye watching your actions and your thoughts, you must be holy within and without, at all times. If you have wandered from the path of truth and faithfulness, it is time to come back to God, the loving Father. He will receive you. We must not forget, as we sojourn here below that there is a silent tape recorder that films all our actions. When it is replayed to you on the last day, will you be damned or justified? You can still make amends now.

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