The year 2020, without doubt is a year that won’t be forgotten so soon. The year being a unique figure, gave so many people hopes and aspirations at its beginning. Many captions with both spiritual and secular inclinations were tagged for the year 2020. A few among them is ‘The year of my 2020 vision’ and ‘Year 2020: year of nurses and midwives’. The hopes were high, aspirations spiralling and we all hoped it would be memorable for the positives.

A few months into the year, the pandemic struck: the nations of the world and every nationalities struggled to keep their citizens safe from the novel covid-19 virus. Countries went on lockdown, businesses closed, travels were banned, churches and schools closed, researches were carried out and statistics on health were given on daily basis. All these were with their attendant consequences of economic recession, famine, inflation, hunger, security threats and deaths, to name a few. Everyone struggled along with myriads of people having difficult times and a lot of sad stories to tell.

As believers, these sad and glooming stories were around us, they might have touched us in one way or the other, but certainly, we have also witnessed God’s faithfulness, love and care in so many ways. We have experienced a better connection with God in our spiritual walk, our ministries might have achieved great successes. Our career and businesses must have witnessed God’s touch, our finances had been helped by the God who promised never to leave us nor forsake us when we go through the fire (Isaiah 43:2).  We have been protected from the various security threats around us-robberies, insurgencies, riots and he likes.

As the year draws to a close, there is so much tell, so much more to tell. But through it all, we survived it. God was faithful to His own. So as we reflect on happenings in the year 2020, let us not forget all positives and wine in the draw backs. Think of that positive thing that only happened in year 2020. Thank Him also for the negatives, if we had never had the problems, we wouldn’t know that he could solve them and we would never know what faith in God could do.

We must however not forget the imminence of our coming Lord. The situations that were typical of this year 2020-pestilence, insecurities, economic melt-down, world political dynamics- are all indications that the Lord will soon come. We must not just be ready by word of mouth, we must be ready in its real sense. Our garments must be spotless while we labour for His coming Kingdom. Then, when we meet our Lord in the sky, with the saints who had gone before, there will still be so much to tell, but our tears would be wiped away (Revelation 7:17).

Keep striving, keep praying and praising Him. It won’t be very long till our Lord appears and all sorrows will cease. We will have eternal bliss. May the Lord uphold you and I. (Amen).

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