When the answer seems far

And the future seems drear

When the sky seems so dark

Don’t give up


When the prospects seem bleak

And your soul seems so sick

When for succour you seek

Don’t give up


When the journey seems long

And it seems there’s no song

Keep moving through the throng

Don’t give up


When to press on seems hard

Your countenance seems sad

When your heart is not glad

Don’t give up


When temptations seem sore

And the troubles seem more

Getting into your core

Don’t give up


When your hope seems all gone

And your best seems all done

When great trials you’ve borne

Don’t give up


Understand the foes trick

For your dear soul he seeks

Hear your dear Saviour speak

Don’t give up


Don’t give up you’ll o’ercome

Don’t give up friend move on

Don’t give up wade the storm

Don’t give up!

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