We all differ when it comes to time management and meeting targets in everyday life. While some are always on point and would always meet time allotted time for activities, others would be there when the activity is almost over. Some individuals come to meetings and events well ahead of the set time. They settle down and get mentally prepared for whatsoever it is they wanted to do. There are others who always come rushing in and are full of apologies. Some are outrageously late and will be there when the event is rounding up.

Have you thought of various near misses? Those who almost missed their bus, train or flight by just a few minutes, the meal that almost got burnt when you gave it 2 minutes to be perfectly done, the phone call you forgot to make that almost caused a fortune. The score of the multiple choice questions in college that almost made you repeat a class. A time you came to church when it was 5 minutes to the end of the program. Sometimes, when I am in such situations, I offer silent prayers that may I not miss the rapture with just a slip of time. It will be in a twinkling of an eye. We must always be ready.

Elisha knew he wanted the double portion of Elijah’s power. His master had earlier warned, and given him the condition that it would only be his, if and if he sees him when being taken away. He remained resolute, even when the sons of the prophets tried to distract him and his master extended the journeys to be made. That man was focused, no wonder, he got the power.

Some people today are delaying their salvation for what will become unimportant and useless in the light of eternity. Remember King Agrippa, he was almost a Christian, but he was never one. He will be regretting this now in eternity. Believers, who feel compelled to disobey God’s word because they were in a dilemma, should make right choices. They must always remember there is a way out of every temptation (1 Corinthians 10:13). They must choose to trust in the Lord and patiently see the way out by the eye of the spirit. They must be resolute through the Spirit’s enabling because the next minute may be the last minute.

Jesus commanded believers to watch and pray. We cannot do less. Don’t be the believer who will compromise and the trumpet sounds the next minute with no opportunity to repent. No one knows the time, only the Heavenly Father does. It will happen in a twinkling of an eye. WE MUST WATCH. Watch over our words, actions, thoughts, character and habits. The Spirit and the flesh are always in a rivalry. We must be resolute to take our stand for the Lord.

We must strengthen our spirit man with Christian disciplines, so our story is not that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Praying effectively, and depending on our able Heavenly Father, will make us win the race. Reading God’s word and applying it on daily basis will make our spirit man strong. We must share our faith with others by whatsoever means practicable, as well. Ephesians 6:13 bids us put on the whole armor of God that we may withstand in the evil day. These are the evil days and we must stand in the strength of the Lord.

God is able to make you stand, but you must fulfill your part of the deal. That part is to watch and pray. Watch! I say again Watch. May we not miss the rapture in Jesus name (Amen).

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