Life is to be accounted for

We’ll account for each passing day

Life is a loan we have to pay

To our Creator and Great Judge


Seconds culminate to minutes

Minutes to hours and then to days

Days into months and months to years

All these make our lifetime on earth


Each time we waste we can’t regain

It’s forever gone won’t come back

Hence the need to be wise indeed

And not allow precious time slip


Someday we’ll bid the world goodbye

Leave behind all we’ve acquired

Face eternal and endless days

Our days on earth to account for


There’ll be no time to make amends

There’ll be no time to make wrongs right

There’ll be no time to undo deeds

When we’ve commenced eternal days


It will be time for the rewards

Of all the deeds and all the works

It will be time to reap the fruits

That we had sown in seeds of time


If for the Lord we’ve toiled and worked

If in His service we’ve been spent

If for Him our all we’ve given

We’ll have a good account to give


If we’ve been idle and lukewarm

Unconcerned about the Lord’s work

Always an excuse there to give

Remember we will give account


If we’ve refused to help the poor

Although with life’s good we were filled

If our talents we’ve wasted too

Every account we’ll surely give


If our salvation we’ve delayed

Until death knocks and we are gone

All our deeds we will account for

From the records heaven wrote down


Life is to be accounted for

How do you spend each passing day

Life is a loan you’ll one day pay

Make amends now before too late

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