At the trumpet sound

When saints will go to meet the Lord

What will hold you back

Prevent your rapture with the saints

What will be the stain

The wrinkle and the blemishes

What will be the spot

What’s that weight that will hold you down


Just a little lie

God understands He’ll overlook

He knows the reason

I told the lie to make ends meet

I had to escape

The punishment I would have faced

That lie will for you

Be the thing that will hold you back



Fornication or adultery

Any secret sin

Of which you refuse to repent

All uncleanliness

In thought or words or in your deeds

Surely will prevent

Your rapture with Christ’s glorious Church


Anger clamour wrath

That’s my weakness I can’t help it

It’s my temperament

That’s the person I am made of

But this temperament

Makes you so much unlike your Lord

Such that you won’t be

Among the saints He’ll recognize


Pride and arrogance

Of who you are and what you have

Although not obvious

Just a pinch of lucifer’s sin

That pinch is enough

To rob you of eternal joy

If you don’t repent

And get washed in the Saviour’s blood


So full of gossip

Idle talk and unwholesome words

Ungodly chit-chat

You can’t deny yourself to have

These same idle words

May hold you back from going with Christ

For in so much words

There is a tendency to sin


I won’t forgive her

We’ll settle it before God’s throne

My dear friend take heed

You can’t get there in the first place

Settle the strife now

Forgive all who offended you

For if you do not

At trumpet sound it will be late


The money you owe

You promised that you will pay back

But you’ve refused to

Despite having the means to pay

You’re avoiding him

So he won’t ask for what he’s owed

At the trumpet sound

It will be late to look for Him


That thing that you took

The property that is not yours

You say you are saved

But it’s still in your custody

No restitution

You’re just alright with keeping it

At the trumpet sound

It will be too late to return


Now we have the time

Self examination to do

Salvation from sin

Restitutions where necessary

Grace to live spotless

Grace for a holy walk with Him

He will give to us

As we pray and we ask from Him


By the grace of God

When saints will go to meet the Lord

Nothing will stop us

Prevent our rapture with the saints

There will be no stain

No wrinkle and no blemishes

There will be no spot

And no weight that will hold us down. AMEN

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