Chronicles are the systematic arrangement to give an account of events with the timeline. It can be related to giving the factual history of life, destiny, or events. The events of our lives are in chronicles, right from the point of birth till we return back to our maker. There is a page-to-page record of every event that takes place in our lives. Automatic pages of information about our lives are well arranged. Each human has both earthly and heavenly chronicles. Unfortunately, many people work fervently to build up pleasant pages of their earthly books, while they give little or no reference to the heavenly record and some have horrible events and history for the both earthly and heavenly record. Some are yet to discover what they are born to fulfill in God, the reason for being created and sadly, they are building wrong chronicles.

Beloved, it is good and pleasant to make fame and memorable events on earth but biggest tragedy to is little or no record in heaven. The earthly investment can be easily attacked and destroyed by challenges and pressures, and in some instances, it might go unnoticed but the heavenly investment is the wisest and richest of all. When we use our talents for God as ordained by Him, we are making chronicles and investing.  It is a great privilege to serve God and may we not be replaced in His vineyard in Jesus name. (AMEN).

The story of Joseph in Genesis 37 – 39 is one of the many biblical typical long story and example of events that gives details of Joseph life as he built both earthly and heavenly record. Despite all the challenges in his path, he never departed from God, he reckoned with God and was able to scale through. His path to fulfilling God’s promise was not smooth but he achieved victory, fame and success on earth with Godly records. He made great impact with his talent even when he was in prison.

What are the content in the pages of our lives? Can we listen to the melodious rhythms of our lifetime poem and be filled with happiness? Or the rhythm is filled up with sad surprises as the pages of the book are read, exposing the hidden and the known acts. What are the heavenly impacts we are making in the lives and destinies of people? Are we soldiers for Christ, can it be read in our pages the number of souls that God saved through us into His Kingdom? We grow through stages of life, writing each page of the chronicle. Some are in the world writing another person’s chronicle out of ignorance, leaving the plan of God for their lives unfulfilled. They are not fulfilling God’s purpose for their lives despite the fact that they are successful here on earth. The chronicle of their heavenly pages are not fulfilled. Beloved, may the Almighty give us the great grace to build up our lives for God’s glory in Jesus name. Amen.

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