In the twinkling of an eye

The trumpet shall sound

Christ’s Church eternally gone

Raptured home above


No more sorrow no more cares

No more tears or pain

No more sighing for our home

Heaven’s treasures gained


Done with this world and its din

Done with battles fierce

Done with temptations and strife

Victorious at last


We shall wear a golden crown

And a robe so white

With the Angels praises sing

All eternity


Do not to temptations yield

Lest you lose your soul

Guard your loins quit ye like men

We shall win at last


Christ the Lord will see us through

No matter the test

Travel on never give up

Though the road be rough


While you prepare and I do

This old world to leave

Let’s reach out to sinful souls

So they’ll come in too


I will look for you up there

And you’ll look for me

We shall not be missing there

In our home on high. AMEN

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