If there was a shore beside the ocean of death
And a thin divide between earth and eternity
A time when all hope is almost gone
A time when all aspirations, ambitions and goals matter no more

A moment when all silver, gold, cars, houses and certificate fiddle
A time when you care less of beauty, fashions, fads and shows
A time when all your prayers is Lord! May I live
A time that you plead again, Lord! May I live

What would that be that you should have done but left undone
What sin, grudge or spot it is that you have not settled
What promise have you made to the Lord that made you wish a moment more to live
What duty would you wish a time more to pay

There are times in life, when hopes of living are gone
Whether to illness or to an unexpected catastrophe
Our lives must be pure, and not condemn us
Our dues must have all been paid at God’s Service

We don’t Know, when the Master will call us home
Friend, you don’t know which of your service will be the last
Conclude each day with nothing you should have or shouldn’t have done
Live one day at a time pleasing your Lord and Master

Then at Heavens’ gate, the host of heaven will welcome you,
Your banner will be clear, they’ve known you all the while,
Jesus Blood will speak for you, you’ve been to Calvary
Your works will shout for you, a crown of glory to win.

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