I saw the scrap and knew that this was got from a car that was previously so cherished. It was rusted and dusty, and not what one would desire. It had probably been picked from the dunghill or sold by the owner at a ridiculously low price when compared with how much the car was bought. Once again, it made me reflect on the vanity of life.

Many times we desire the good things of life and wish to live in comfort and great pleasure. We work from dawn to dusk, and sometimes additionally, working through the night, from dusk till dawn. This is not just to make ends meet, but to have all the comfort that life can afford. While it isn’t a bad aspiration, the fact that sometimes the things most important are left to suffer neglect makes it worrisome.

Come to think of it, today’s highly valued skyscrapers will one day become antiquities, the posh cars nothing to write home about, the reigning fashion “old school”, the costly gadgets obsolete, the beauty faded. If all we spend our strength and labour to acquire are things ephemeral, if all our time and resources we invest in things that will not outlast time, how wise are we?

It’s a hard truth but one day ahead and one day sure (should Christ tarry long), some people will see our “scraps” when we become corpses. When we transit from time to timeless time (eternity), we will face the reward of our lives on earth. All the things we acquired on earth, a huge bank account, certificates, houses, lands and cars etc will be left behind.

Friend, as we labour to acquire perishable paper (money, certificates), corrodible aluminum (cars), crushable blocks (houses) and other things of life that will later become scraps, we should be wise to deposit in Heaven’s account while we are still alive. We should sacrificially give to promote the gospel work, devote our time, talent and resources to serve the Lord and save the lost.
May the Lord assist us all. Amen

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