The lifespan of a never dying God
Where you’ll be either in joy or in pain
Timeless time where changes you can’t effect
If in Heaven or in hell

How prepared are you to face endless time
Where do you hope to be, heaven or hell
Unprepared are you if you’re still in sin
Settle your case with God now

If in heaven you will be with the saints
If not in hell and everlasting flames
If you’ll rejoice and sing with the angels
Repent and be saved today

Horrible it is to die unprepared
Living in sin and all unrighteousness
Dear one repent today before too late
Christ is calling you today

If to Christ your heart and all you’ve given
If the race to heaven you have begun
Hold on to Him to gain your mansions there
Cling to Him your crown to gain

© Pause and ponder

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