Oh so good she was, a great pillar in the church

Very dutiful, full of zeal and so involved
You could count on her, a beloved member is gone
She has gone to rest, and is now with Christ the Lord

A woman of God, so prayerful, full of faith
Gave to God her all, spent for Christ and for the church
Witnessed to the lost, served the Lord with all her mind
Oh we shall miss her, many members present said

We remember too, her sweet and sonorous voice
Won men to the Lord, brought convictions on their souls
She’s with Angels now, singing heaven’s melodies
But they never knew, the deceitful life she lived

While she was on earth, a double life she did live
Had some secret sin, lived a double standard life
A saint in the church, but a sinner in real sense
Full of bitterness, anger and duplicity

She could tell some lies, just to cover her misdeeds
Gossips and hatred, unforgiving spirit hers
Impure thoughts within, although no one ever knew
But heaven took note, and her works awaited her

She went home too soon, how we wish she didn’t die
Oh we love her well, but the Saviour loves her more
Take on thy sweet rest, beloved sister we miss thee
But they never knew, their beloved one was in hell

While her praise they sang, and her good works testified
Tormented she was, she wished she could quench her thirst
She wished she could have, just another chance to live
So she could repent, and amend her sinful life

All the song she sang, and the messages she preached
Kept tormenting her, as she remembered them all
Now forever lost, since a double life she lived
Sorrow and anguish, her companions and her lot

May this never be, your experience and ne’er mine
Before ’tis too late, let’s all examine our lives
Titles not enough, let’s repent amend our ways
Let’s get truly pure, that’s the life the Lord desires

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