Sodom had not ten, no not up to ten righteous men

The city was filled, with unrighteous and sinful souls

Sorry was their state, they lived oblivious of the fact

That they’ll soon be lost, and fire from heaven would descend


They did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted too

They built and they lived not knowing their judgment was near

Then the judgment came, brimstone and fire destroyed them all

Unprepared they were and same is our own world today.


Evil everywhere, unrighteousness and sin abound

Sodomy and lust, probably worse than Sodom’s sin

Yet the Lord’s return, so imminent and close it is

Will the Lord find ‘ten’, will He find you a ready saint


So many in church, that sing praise worship and they dance

But they still abort, they fornicate and live in lust

Anger, pride and lies, their lives filled with yet they go on

Not minding the fact, that this world will soon be on fire


‘Christians’ keep malice, unforgiving yet ministering

They gossip and nag and claim the Lord’s return they wait

Carnal, worldly, cold and so full of presumptuous sins

Garments so defiled, the church so full of ‘sinning saints’


Sodom had not ten, unfortunate and sad it was

But let’s look inwards, with the state of the church today

Will the Lord find ‘ten’, will He find faith at His return

Will the Lord find you, worthy of Heaven’s street of gold


Do not be deceived, there’s no room for duplicity

You can’t be a saint, at the same time a sinning soul

Heaven’s not for those who cannot keep their garments pure

Through the grace of God and the ability Christ gives.


Sodom had not ten, though four escaped, just three remained

Lot’s wife had looked back, her remains a pillar of salt

Sodom dear to her, she couldn’t bear to leave behind

Disobedience made Lot’s wife to perish with the world


Sodom had not ten, how many does our nation have

Are you one of those who’ll perish or who will be saved

When the trumpet sounds, will you be one of the ransomed

That will go with Christ, and escape the wrath that’s to come


Sodom had not ten, will the Lord find ten among us

Examine yourself, be sure your name is in God’s book

Repent of all sins, restitute, make your ways all right

Then you will be sure, you’ll be among the faithful few

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