The world woke up to a ruffling sound

A sound it never heard before

A pandemic of a troubling sort

A novel virus on the prowl


Routines were changed and the world stood still

Movement restricted everywhere

Thousands admitted so many died

The world’s economy nose-dived


Many health systems were overwhelmed

Patients on bed, physicians too

Laid helplessly ill while life ebbed out

Eternity for them began


Amidst all these scientists worked on

A cure for this illness to find

Researchers here and researchers there

Worked hard a quick respite to give


Life gradually started bouncing back

The lockdown eased though life not same

We now hear terms like “the new normal”

To show that life’s not same again


Getting tested became a routine

In a bid to curb the virus

Vaccines produced were administered

In some places by compulsion


The gates to some offices got manned

By some law enforcement agents

You can’t come in you must show your card

To prove you’ve been vaccinated


It brings to mind of a time to come

After the saints have all been gone

The man of sin will begin his reign

Over the world for seven years


Then he’ll cause everyone small and great

The rich and poor the bound and free

To receive a mark in their right hand

Or to have it in their foreheads


He’ll decree no man might buy or sell

Except those that received the mark

Or received the number of his name

That signifies eternal doom


Current happenings all around show that

The world is preparing the stage

Unrelentingly getting well set

For when the man of sin would reign


The time is short slumb’ring soul wake up

Get ready for the trumpet sound

The Church awaits her Bridegroom’s return

Up! Get set, don’t be left behind


I pray for you same thing for myself

That the first flight we will not miss

Let’s all be wise our garments keep pure

Eternal salvation we’ll have. AMEN

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