When God seems silent

And all around you look so bleak

With pray’rs unanswered

And heaven to you seems like brass

When God seems silent

And so perplexed you gaze around

You’re not to give up

But for the reasons you should seek


When God seems silent

He may be asking you to search

Your heart and conscience

For deeds of which you must repent

When God seems silent

It may mean you have gone astray

And God is waiting

For you to trace your steps back home


At times He’s silent

To test your faith and trust in Him

To make you stronger

Perfected when the storms are o’er

He may seem silent

To teach you how to wait on Him

Until your change comes

And to His image you conform


When God seems silent

It may be He’s been whispering

But you can’t hear Him

Because of all the noise around

You’ve been too busy

To hear His still small voice so clear

Enter your closet

And you’ll find He’s been waiting there


When God seems silent

My brother you’re not to despair

Sister don’t give in

To satan’s despicable tricks

At such a season

Just seek the Lord’s face once again

You’ll get revival

You’ll get restored to Him again


When God seems silent

Friend take some time to kneel and pray

Ask for directions

Go through His word to know His mind

And when you hear Him

Be prompt to do all what He says

And then the silence

You’ve felt will end you’ll reconnect.

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