How stained are your hands

How bloody are they

The sleeping watchman

Warning not the souls


Your colleagues at work

And your neighbours too

Swiftly journeying on

Unto endless time


Freely do you share

Laugh and dine with them

Rarely do you talk

Of salvation free


You freely discussed

Politics and sports

But you felt awkward

Discussing the word


Sometimes you’ve got prompts

From the Holy Ghost

Telling you to preach

But these you have spurned


When one neighbour died


You became so sad

And full of regrets


You did blame yourself

When that dear one died

‘Cos you didn’t warn him

Of danger ahead


You repented then

And promised the Lord

You’ll always warn them

Before it’s too late



You’ve reneged again

Again and again

And more souls got lost


When the message comes

Of the sinners doom

You’ll promise you’ll preach

But you hardly do


Why will you go on

Disobedient still

Hands all stained and filled

With these lost souls blood


You can turn around

Ask for mercy now

Your hands washed and cleansed

With the Saviour’s blood


Up! Go to the field

Swiftly preach the word

To all still alive

Snatch their souls from hell


How stained are your hands

With the sinners’ blood

How clean will they be

On the judgment day


Hurry not along

After reading this

Make amendments now

Before it’s too late.


Note: Pause and ponder on this food for thought.

Examine yourself, make amends as necessary.

May we not be guilty at last. Amen

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