Shalom Diamond was studying for her masters’ degree in one of the universities in East Africa. She embarked on her research which involved so many stages, one of which was to administer questionnaires to a large number of people. Day in day out, she put up little efforts to do some at a time. A day came for her to collate and determine how far she had gone, she was surprised to realize that she had reached her target already. Her little consistent effort had payed-off eventually.

The little consistent efforts we put into achieving our goals and targets will eventually culminate and contribute to the larger picture. Students who take the time to study their notes after each day’s class, will eventually gain mastery of the subject before examination period. Those who wait till the last minute to study volumes of materials will not have a good grasp of the subject matter before the examinations, and will not perform to expectations.

When we have yearly or life time goals and we do a bit at a time towards achieving our targets, in no time we will achieve our aim. If we have set new year resolutions, we must fulfil tiny bits of actions and activities that will ensure we meet our targets before the timeline elapses. We can even break the larger goals to tiny bits of targets, and do that bit at a time. We must also ensure we check at intervals to ensure we are on track before the eventual time will run out. There is the tendency to overestimate the time we have left and relax, when we are to be labouring towards our goals.

In soul-winning, every endeavour to share our faith, and labour in the field of sous will result in the number of souls we will win at the end of the year, and the eventual number we will be rewarded for, at the Bema seat. We must labour to bring them in, until the fold is enlarged and the kingdom increased. In your bible reading, prayer and fasting, other spiritual, secular and family goals for this year, how far have you fared? Your daily commitments to your resolutions will eventually determine if you would hit your target or not, so start early.

More than a week is gone in this current year, where are you on your path to achieving your goals? You must double up and meet up if you had lagged behind. You must get started if you haven’t. His grace is more than sufficient for you and me.

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