The euphoria is everywhere
A new year has just begun
Thank God for this new gift of life
A new opportunity
The old year had its challenges
But it’s now forever past
Its days we can never redeem
This new year we should be wise

We’ll surely continue to greet
“Happy new year” for some days
Everyone’s glad we’ve crossed over
But not everyone’s prepared
To get the best of the new year
To make it exceptional
There are decisions we should take
There are things to put in place

Time we know waits for nobody
This new year’s now hours gone
Do not let it just roll away
Like the previous years have done
Plan your days get the best of them
Don’t sow seeds of idleness
Keep your soul fit both day and night
With each tick tock the clock makes

Take the year one day at a time
Give your best to each new day
Do not mind that you’ve failed before
Start again you will succeed
Take note of the reasons you failed
Pray to God get rid of them
You need great determination
You need God’s enabling grace

Make a list of things to achieve
Have great goals and note them down
Place it where you’ll daily see it
Chart the path to fulfill them
Many things may want to stop you
Don’t give in just carry on
Put in your best to get things done
Deal with all your distractions

Make plans for your spiritual life
Don’t just face ephemerals
Make plans to read the Bible through
Time to pray and time to preach
Time for daily meditation
Time to get closer to God
Time to build for eternity
Time to add stars to your crown

There’ll be need to take note of this
The body’s the “spirit’s horse”
Give great attention to your health
As you meet your daily need
Balance the need for work and rest
Eat good meals and exercise
To be able to be your best
Spirit soul and body feed

New year new opportunities
That we shouldn’t fail to seize
New year new victories to gain
Great achievements we will have
When we hold tightly to God’s hand
When we journey close to Him
Taking it one day at a time
By His grace we’ll be fulfilled. Amen

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