Zacchaeus: an example for sincere seekers (Luke 19:1-10)

Zacchaeus was a man

A chief among the publicans

And although so rich

He had a little stature too


He sought to see Christ

But could not for the teeming crowd

He climbed up a tree

Not giving in to hindrances


Despite all the odds

And condemnation from the crowd

His mind was made up

A glimpse of Christ he sure must have


Zacchaeus did not know

That Jesus Christ knew him by name

Christ came to the place

And took a special note of him


Christ called out to him

Make haste and come down from the tree

For today I’ll be

At thy house and thy guest will be


He made haste came down

And received Christ so joyfully

He confessed his faults

Salvation came to Zacchaeus’ house


When you seek the Lord

And out of your way look for Him

He’ll sure locate you

For He seeks you in the first place


Your sin may be great

And men may say you’ve gone too far

The Lord will forgive

If you repent and come to Him


No one ever comes

In earnest and a humble plea

That He will reject

He died for every sinful man


Jesus knows your name

He’s calling out to you today

My child come back home

I came to die so you may live


Hear His loving voice

Today decide to heed His call

He won’t reject you

He came to seek and save the lost


No longer delay

Tomorrow may be just too late

Yield to Him right now

His loving child you will become (AMEN)

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