Which are you closer to

Your Bible or your phone

Much attention to beeps

From messages and calls

Hurriedly you would read

The Bible if at all

Please answer the question

Which are you close to


Always we will check up

When leaving home at morn

Hope I’ve not forgotten

To take my phone along

Rarely we’ll leave our phones

We wouldn’t miss our calls

The battery must be charged

And our lines reachable


We take our phones to church

So we can charge them there

At home there is no light

Our batteries can’t be low

Sometimes we’ll pick our calls

Distract the service too

Some will do their chatting

Right there in God’s own house


My phone has my Bible

And so I read it there

But while you are reading

You hear a message beep

Let me check the message

Could be an urgent one

Then you leave the Bible

And your time with the Lord


By the phone distracted

The Bible gets sidelined

But when you remember

It’s time for something else

No more time for reading

No time to meditate

Which are you closer to

Your Bible or your phone


Quick to share the message

We receive on our phones

Either true or an hoax

We care not but forward

But to share the Bible

With our neighbours and friends

Seems not very easy

My friend we do not well


With the social media

And messages that ‘fly’

Facebook Twitter WhatsApp

Have taken all our time

Less time for the Bible

But much time for the apps

Christian are you guilty

Of preference for your phone


Some will dare to sleep late

Chatting with friends on phone

Sometimes watching videos

But no time for the word

We wake up at midnight

To check for messages

Not to read the Bible

No not for prayers too


The time spent on your phone

And that with your Bible

Which is pretty higher

Assess yourself and see

Which are you closer to

Your Bible or your phone

Make amends as needed

Make good use of your time


Spend more time with Jesus

Meditate on His word

Allow no distractions

From things that pass away

Moderate all your actions

Spend more time on the word

Get close to your Bible

Get closer to the Lord

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