Amazing’s the grace that saved me
Amazing the love that sought me
Amazing’s the blood that washed me
Amazing the price that bought me

Deep in sin so lost and lonely
A wretch undone and bound for hell
Terrible was the load of sin
No hope in sight so lost I was

Occasionally I’ll get drunk
Use abusive words on my friends
Sleep in gutters’ murky waters
Wake in the morning stagger home

I could tell lies without blinking
Steal sticks of cigarette in the stores
Borrow and never pay but fight
So terrible was I in sin

I sought for peace in earthly things
Possibly more money could help
The more the money I could get
The more the peace of mind I lost

I had no time for God at all
I’ll rather party all the day
Yet in all this I found no peace
Until amazing grace found me

The love of Christ found me in sin
Did not neglect my soul to save
My sins were washed my soul restored
A child of God so glad I am

I could not drink nor smoke again
Nor could I steal from store to store
The fighting spirit was all gone
A man of peace I’ve now become

My friends and fam’ly saw the change
They noticed I was not the same
My life was transformed made anew
Amazing grace had worked on me

Your life my friend can be the same
Amazing grace can work on you
A child of God you can become
If you will yield to Christ today

Don’t say you’re not as bad as me
All sinners are but lost in sin
Eternity of doom awaits
All men who live and die in sin


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