Different nations all over the world are undergoing difficult situations in recent times and the nation Nigeria is not left out. The country has been experiencing a very difficult economic hardship in the past few years. Many families find it difficult to feed well; they experience hardship by spending more for less. Inflation rates are skyrocketing and prices of food and other items have either doubled or tripled if not more. Every part of the nation feels the recession and everyone has his own side of the story to tell. The nation is made up of various tribes all of which has been affected. Different people have also responded to this hardship in various ways. Some go into vices such as fraud, corruption, voodoo, kidnapping, oil bunkering, prostitution, human trafficking, and armed robbery etc all in the bid to make ends meet. These vices and others not mentioned (that plague the nation) have rendered her impoverished.

The nation is known to be blessed with both natural and human resources. The Northerners are good farmers who grow lots of edible crops to feed the nation; the Easterners, known for their diligence and industry make lots of useful products for the local and international markets. Many Westerners have excelled in the field of academics and the Southern part of the nation is blessed with lots of natural resources that if well utilized have the capacity to positively impact on all the nation’s citizens.

Although the nation has many of its citizens rich, a vast majority live below the poverty line. There has been a huge gap between the poor and the rich as the rich tend to become richer while the poor struggle along. Every society has the poor among their people and the bible recognised this in Deuteronomy 15:11. The rich must strive to bridge the gap between them and the poor by offering to help the helpless in ways they can. Those who don’t have enough are sometimes seen among the people of God. We have the promise and covenant of provision and sufficiency as believers but some people’s faith have not been able to claim this. They still struggle as believers and are in need. Those whom God has helped to have enough must lend a helping hand to the needy. They must think of ways of alleviating their poverty.

The rich should think on how to help those struggling to gain a regular means of legitimate income in order to meet their basic needs of life. You can help someone with the capital to start a business. You can sponsor someone in school. You can help someone get working tools so they work as artisans. You can help someone get a job/employ someone. Sometimes, people are afraid to give beggars money due to negative stories around. You must allow God to guide you and ensure the commandment to give is kept. Those struggling have their own roles to play too. ‘The hand of the diligent, maketh rich’ (Proverbs 10:4). You cannot sit at home all day and continue to pray for manna to fall from heaven. You must do something. Make a move in faith to engage in a legitimate business and believe the Lord will prosper you. If your effort is zero, even if the Lord multiplies it a thousand times, it will still be zero. Do something!!

While we labour, either we are rich or poor, we must ensure we pay our tithe and offering. Give in other church projects and to those you need to give to. Givers never lack. Whatever our status in society, there are times we fall in need. The rich also cry and there are challenges money cannot solve. Look to the great provider and burden-bearer. He will see you through. Above all, we must do our businesses, helps and giving with heaven in view. We must live righteous lives, because money cannot buy heaven. Do all you do with eternity in view and shun whatsoever will deny you of the glorious city made of gold. May we gain heaven above all earthly gain in Jesus name. Amen

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