A story was told in Genesis 31:30-35, Rachel, alongside her husband and their large family was on their way to Padan-aram. This was after Jacob decided to go back to his homeland, leaving his father-in-law behind. Rachel, while packing stuff from her father’s house, took along her father’s small gods, although she was married to a man with the covenant of Abraham. One then wonders what would be the usefulness of the little gods to her, in the Promised Land.

Some believers in this age have also carried along some idols and little gods. You wonder how possible that is and what the little gods are. Maybe you muse that it is only villagers who worship idols and bow to small gods. Don’t make that conclusion yet, anything that takes the place of God, the attention you should give to Him and the commitment to His service is that little god.

Take a moment to reflect, what is it that takes away the devotion you should give to the God of Heaven? What makes you shift the word of God from the central place it should occupy in your heart? What takes you away from studying the bible, praying, fasting or evangelizing? Is it your mobile phone? Do you spend hours on it? Research has found that an average person handles his phone every 4 minutes. You can even spend hours on social media before you realize it. Then you complain that it is the time factor that makes your spiritual life suffer. The saints of old had 24 hours too; it is not the time factor, you only need to reorder your priorities. Take away the little gods, and give them less attention.

Apart from mobile phones and social media, endless television programs and movies can hamper your walk with God. You get back from the TV to pray, but your mind is cluttered with movie scenes, and you feel drained and dry. Take away the little god. Passion for games and sports is a challenge for some other people. They make it a do-or-die affair and even miss fellowship meetings because of matches. Some would even engage in gambling, in the name of sports betting. Please take away this little god before it becomes your ruin.

You know what stands between you and the wonderful relationship you should have with God. Think deeply, search within your heart’s recesses and fetch out those little gods. Take them away, like Jacob and his family later did when they embarked on the journey back to Bethel to reunite with God (Genesis 35:3-4). Take away the little gods and let the Almighty God have all of you. The Lord gives you wisdom. (Amen)

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