Long ago it was prophesied

It was constantly emphasized

The birth of the One born by Mary

Christ to be worshipped by many


The One men’s sins to purge

When sins are on the surge

To be nailed to the cross

While the world’s sin is gross


What an amazing grace

To everyone’s amaze

He’s a God big in size

He’s the Lord He’s so wise


A star shining so bright

Leading us all aright

In his image so Mighty

We hail this Deity


My God is omnipotent

My God is omniscient

My God is omnipresent

Can you feel his presence


Unto us a king is born

His crown shinier than the sun

All hail Emmanuel

His grace an unending well


For unto us a king is born

And unto us our Lord is come

Oh yes His name we will adore

For all our sins the Saviour bore

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