This world is full of lots of hustle-bustle. A roller coaster of activities that seem to have no end. This age especially makes people get out of control of the to-dos in their daily lives, so individuals feel helpless and wish there could be some moment of calm, quietness and a less busy life. This busyness sometimes takes the believer away from the source of life, the Bible. This was the case of the disciples in Mark 6:31, when there was so many coming and going, they had no leisure not to even eat, the Saviour then called them apart into a desert place so they could rest a while. He knew what they needed exactly which was to rest their souls and go back to the Bible.

We get so busy sometimes and leave the word of God and our duties behind. Somehow in the midst of our non-stop activities, we feel dry, lack auction, inspiration and anointing; then we wonder why. To be constantly plugged to the source of revelation and inspiration, the Bible must have its predominant place in our lives because it is the mother of all inspirations. If our ministry must produce the effect it should have on the lost and the house of faith we must go back to the Bible.

When Paul and Barnabas had a question on the issue of circumcision, which they could not resolve during their ministerial outreach in Acts 15:1-2, they went back to the headquarters to meet the apostles and elders who were pillars of the church. They consulted the scriptures and got the issues clarified. Whenever you get confused on a doctrinal issue or on any Christian teaching, go back to the Bible with a sincere heart to learn.

Our confusion may not just be on scriptures, life issues may get us confused and perplexed. Life challenges may make our minds so puzzled that we do not know what to do. Jesus is the answer, He is the Word, and the Bible is the answer to life’s perplexing situations.

The prodigal son in Luke 15:16-20 went from one challenge to the other and got so disturbed until he made up his mind to return back home to his father. We can find solace if we return back to God and the Bible. Abram went back to Egypt during a famine, for his family sustenance. He compromised and lied while trying to protect his life. He later went back to the place where his tent was, raised an altar unto God and reunited with the Almighty God (Genesis 13). Jacob and his family also returned to Bethel to reunite with the God who met and spoke to him earlier (Genesis 35:3-4). Ezra read the scriptures to his Israelite audience until they wept profusely for deviating from God (Ezra 10: 1-12).  They then took steps to return back to God.

Going back to God and the Bible from our wandering is a sure solace for us from the storms of life and from wanderings and straying. If you wonder what else would you do in your situation? Go back to the Lord and to His word.

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