The phrase “here and there” occurred only twice in the scriptures. On the two occasions, it was an expression of carelessness when one is supposed to be vigilant. In 1 Kings 20:40, a man was kept in charge of a warrior with a strict warning that his life would go for it if the man was missing. He was busy here and there and lost the man who was entrusted in his charge. In Hosea 7:9, a parable depicting carelessness was spoken about the tribe of Ephraim. That grey hairs were here and there on him and he knew not. If there was a time to be careful, and not to be busy here and there, so one’s soul is not lost, it is now!

It is the end of time, and this age has become so fast paced that we need conscious efforts to preserve our Christian faith. We must not grow weary as we wait for our Lord’s return. There is the need to balance our secular engagements with spiritual engagements. Although it is tasking to do this, we cannot afford to be busy here and there at the detriment of our souls. Just like terrible car crashes can happen because of distractions, a believer can sustain a terrible fall when distractions are allowed. As we wait for the fulfilment of God’s promise and the answer to our prayers, we must not be distracted and give in to discouragement nor follow after prophets whose source of power we do not know. Hold firmly unto the Lord, face your difficulties with confidence and the courage that you will sure overcome.

While we are less busy, we must also take heed as well, lest we squander these periods on non-essentials. While being less busy, we should not spend endless moment surfing the internet, jumping from one thing to the other. Not a time for watching movies and T.V programs without control. Neither is it time for too much sleeping and voracious eating. We must watch against temptations and distractions from our faith at such times. Remember King David, he had a break from going to war, walked frivolously on the house top and eventually ended in adultery, murder and conspiracy (2 Samuel 11 & 12). He later paid dearly for spending his free time frivolously.

Sometimes, tertiary institutions are on industrial action. Undergraduates, postgraduate students and officers on strike must make the best use of this period to add value to their lives. Students can do holiday jobs and learn a trade while the working class build their portfolio or think about entrepreneurship. Don’t waste your precious free time. Put every moment of life to best use. The Lord is our strength (Amen).

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