It was at the choir rehearsal on a Tuesday afternoon. The choir was practicing a piece of music for an upcoming event. Sis JJ was an alto singer and was appointed to sing in a duet. As commonly known, it is easier to sing along with others than for you to sing alone. So, it is in some areas of life. It is easier to sit and listen than to handle a microphone and address a crowd.

When people occupy a secular position, it is easier to act as a critic, and identify different things an office holder could have done better. The fact is that uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. Before we lash at people and negatively bring them down, it may be necessary you imagine for a moment if you were in that position and the one to be criticized.

As believers, there are times we have to stand alone. Daniel did in Babylon, against the tide of corruption and godlessness (Daniel 6:4-5). He was thrown into the lions’ den and God protected him. The three Hebrew children also stood alone among thousands of heads which had already bowed to Nebucadnezzar’s idol (Daniel 3). The Son of God later joined them in the fiery furnace.

Martin Luther stood all alone and did no otherwise. Standing alone is scary and may not be easy but if God be for us, who can be against us. Knowing that the Lord is with us while we take our stand for the Master is comforting and reassuring. When no one else stands, we must take our stand.

Sometimes, finding someone to lean on is wonderful. Having partnership in both secular and spiritual things is desirable but we must not forget that there are times we need to stand alone. There are prayers we must pray alone. Standing for our faith will be alone. Obedience to God will be alone. There are other aspects of our lives which may need to be handled alone.

May we find the inner strength in Christ to stand alone when there is no human to lean on (Amen).

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