The phrase ‘better together’ is a slogan for an internationally popular soft drink. This slogan was adopted in one of the African Countries to promote the product by encouraging combination of the soft drink with African meals. As much as we know that an advertisement may not be true in its entirety, this slogan is right if applied to some situations.

‘Better together’ can be applied to the family setting. Most couples married to each other have opposite and complementing traits, that if harnessed together can make each spouse better in their approach to life. Think of it, one couple is time conscious, the other takes his/her time regardless of the situation at hand; One is neat, the other is not so neat. One is carefree, the other very detailed and sees loopholes in a decision which the other does not see; one is optimistic, the other is somewhat pessimistic. The Almighty knows how to combine traits, especially for believers who involved Him in their marriage decisions. Couples need to complement each other’s trait rather than see the opposite as a threat. You can leverage on your spouse’s strengths for your own weakness. Couples are therefore better together.

In ministry, we are better together. A tree does not make a forest and two are better than one for they have a reward for their labour (Ecclesiates 4:9). We should learn to work together with other believers in harmony so we can reap greater harvests of souls into the Kingdom. We must avoid schisms because of non-essentials. We are better together. Think of Paul and Barnabas, they were both chosen for the Kingdom work but allowed difference in opinions to separate them. We never heard much about Barnabas after the dissimulation and separation. We are better together. Think of Abraham and Lot, what befell Lot after separation (Genesis 13:7-11, 14:8-12 18:1-28). We can follow the step of good partnership like that of Apollos, Priscilla and Aquila. We also have the same example in Paul, Silvanus and Timothy. Oh yes! We are better together in the ministry.

Think of the choir, there is not much melody when the choir sings unison, singing only one part. But creating a mix of harmony with two, three or four parts singing together in harmony makes the music a great delight. The music notes each part sings differs but by singing in harmony, they are better together.
We must learn to walk and work together in unity in different spheres of life for we are better together. May the Lord make us one in unity, to achieve heaven’s purpose (Amen).

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