No one will want to associate with his foes. But foes do appear as friends. They wreck havoc before unsuspecting believers realize what they are in for. We must listen to the voice of the Spirit and observe others’ behaviors before we decide if we would make them our friends. Be not deceived, evil communication corrupts good manners. (1 Corinthians 15:33).


It is very clear that bad company corrupt good morals. The Bible vividly says that Christians should be wise in their relationships with people especially in this present world that is full of corruption. Friendship is one of the tools used by the devil to trap souls into hell and destroy glorious destinies. The following are some of the features to watch out for in a friend and always pray for God’s guidance in our ways and decisions. Bad friends are everywhere, sometimes even in the church. The Bible describes them as wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  • They make you feel the word of God and His presence is boring and they make different moves to discourage you.
  • They introduce you to ungodly gatherings and prefer to do activities at odd hours and time. Time and planning for things that will build their future are not part of their schedule.
  • They have no vision for the future, they believe in what they can see now and how to get the best pleasure and moment out of it.
  • They are greedy and fond of money, lazy and never satisfied with what they have.
  • They prefer to do things secretly, under the proof that they are of age to decide. They are into pornography and practice ungodly acts, like smoking, drinking alcohol, sexual immoralities, masturbarion, late night clubbing, parties, internet fraud among others, which they lure their peers to do same.
  • They disapprove and discourage the Godly teachings of parents / guardians.
  • They put pressures on their peers to go along their paths and practice their deeds with ungodly proofs and techniques.
  • They are fond of material things and can do anything to get these.
  • They are proud, never give in to corrections and always try to play smart.
  • They pretend at the presence of their parents and encourage you to do so.
  • They are envious / jealous, they find means to out – smart their partners negatively. Therefore, they will never encourage the positive potentials and the God given gifts of their peer mate, they believe in ungodly competitions.
  • Some prefer to know and enquire more about you but hide their information about themselves.
  • They are never real, they sometimes pretend to be caring, open up to you, to get closer to you because they need facts to trap you and when they are done, they use the facts against.
  • They see lies as being wise and always find faults to shift blames on you. They will give ungodly counsel due to this nature to lure their victims into the same path of life and mistakes they are living.
  • They are never available in times of need and pain, they come when all is good and palatable.
  • They have unforgiving spirit and are full of revenge.


These are the opposite of the features of bad friends and they are needed in one’s life. They are like God-sent, helpers of destiny. Sometimes, they are closer and vital more than parents and siblings because of their positive roles. The fact remains that these category of people are not many compared to the bad ones that help to destroy destinies. Therefore, it requires divine insight and wisdom to identify these essential people in our path of life. Humans are not perfect but the following features stated below can help to identify good friends;

  • They are full of encouraging words, they are not after the mistakes of their fellow and if they observe lapses, they correct in love.
  • They are God fearing
  • They are peace seekers and thus forgive easily, they don’t harbor grudges.
  • They help the spiritual lives of their friends by building their relationship with God.
  • They are positive minded people, they don’t oppress or force ideas on people, because of this, some people will always take them for granted.
  • They identify the positive potentials of their friends and genuinely offer help to support and build it up. Therefore, they are not jealous or envious of other’s achievement.
  • They have positive attitude; they are humble and not adamant to correction.
  • They have a positive dream, and pursue it with positive minds, wisdom and prayers.
  • They are good time managers, hard working and dream achievers.
  • They manage good ideas and information positively, wisely and in confidentiality.
  • They are selfless and givers.
  • They are always available, both in good and odd times, they are not seasonal friends. Thus, they are problem solvers, helping out with possible solutions.
  • They are not cunning; they have open minds and are straight forward in their activities, not trying to out- smart their peers in cunning ways.
  • They are responsible and reliable, no lies.
  • They are good counselors, give room for self development and destiny helpers.

May God help us with divine wisdom in His will always in Jesus name. Amen.

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