The free will of man was portrayed at the Garden of Eden when after creation, God allowed man to move freely with no obstruction to choice. He gave them instruction to freely eat of every tree of the garden but not to eat the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Genesis 2:16-17. Given the freedom to make a choice, Adam and Eve failed God by taking the wrong decision which brought about great damnation to men. From that time till date, man still has the free will to decide either to follow the wrong or the right path. The only grace is the word of instruction from the guidance of the Holy Spirit our Mentor who helps God’s children to choose rightly.

There is the broad way and the narrow way. Despite the fact that God so much loves us and created us in His own image, He will not impose choices on us. This is made known clearly in Joshua 24:15. The broad way is easy and most people follow but it leads to perdition, the narrow way is very tedious and unpleasant, very few are found on it and out of these few, some go back due to lack of strength to forge on. We are to decide which path to follow, narrow or broad, God has already extended His love towards mankind for redemption. Anyone that chooses to be a follower of Christ must be ready to deny himself, take up his cross and follow Him Mark 8:34.

In our journey through life, we always have choices to make; choice of schools, spouses, houses, clothes, cars, job, friends etc but most importantly, everyone has to make the choice of salvation. There are choices which might be gotten in the broad way with ease but salvation is solely for those that choose to follow Christ and abide in the narrow way. The beauty of the narrow way is that despite the unpleasant outlook, within lies all other good things of life that people seek after in the broad way. Christ said in Matthew 6:33 ‘Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and ALL these things shall be added unto you’. What profit would you have, when you enjoy temporary pleasure, gain the whole world and eventually lose your soul in hell? (Mark 8:36).

Dear Brethren, let us be fervent in our decision to follow Christ Jesus to the end. We should maintain our Christian stand against all odds, by submitting always to the leading of God through the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:16 – 17). It is possible for a true child of God to go back to the serve the devil after giving his life to Christ due to ignorance, lack of wisdom and yielding to the flesh. This results basically because of lack of total commitment to stay on the narrow road and the cravings for the ephemeral things of this world.

The Bible asks this important and deep question “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Romans 8:35. Let us watch and pray, make a firm decision to follow the Lord on the narrow path to the end, no matter what comes our way. May the Lord help us in our journey through life as we aim at eternity with Christ in Jesus name. Amen.

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