You will finish strong

That’s God’s desire for you

You will not give up

However hard the trials

You will win the race

Despite the countless hurdles

You won’t compromise

No matter the temptations


You will finish strong

Remember where you started

You can’t back out now

Can’t go back into Egypt

Though your strength is weak

And your knees very feeble

Just make up your mind

Get revived and keep running


You will finish strong

Don’t give in to the devil

Don’t listen to him

Don’t yield to his suggestions

He’ll tell you you’re weak

And unable to make it

Hear your Saviour’s voice

My grace is enough for thee


You will finish strong

The pow’r of God is able

Your strength to renew

Your hands to hold to the end

Heaven is our goal

And by His grace we’ll get there

Quit like men be strong

We’re nearer home than ever


Now say to yourself

By God’s grace I’ll finish strong

No matter the test

And no matter the tempest

I’ve made up my mind

I won’t go back to satan

I will finish strong

The robe of white I will wear


I will finish strong

I can see my crowns waiting

I can see my home

My mansions in glory land

All the saints I see

With my dear Saviour waiting

To welcome me home

To live in endless glory. Amen

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