There are times things get really so hard

No hope in sight and no friend on hand

Deep thoughts arising bugging your mind

Trouble within and trouble without


Sometimes you feel so lonely and sad

Nothing around you making you glad

Trying to make ends meet a huge task

Working so hard yet still in great lack


Sometimes you’re confused about some things

You’ve got no clues about what to do

Looking around solution seems far

Don’t be discouraged Jesus is there


Sometimes you get troubled and distressed

Weighed down by cares and burdened with stress

Friends not visiting brethren not there

There is a Saviour who cares for you


No one who cared when you were so sick

Hardly did they notice you were ill

No food to eat but no one bothered

Don’t let the devil ruin you will these


He’ll tell you give up they don’t love you

What are you doing in church again

See all your labour all now in vain

He wants to make you lose Heaven’s gain


No matter what your lot in life is

Keep on believing hold on to God

Do not forget your Saviour and Guide

He’s there for you whatever betides


And my dear brethren let us go back

To the times when we cared and we shared

Leave not that brother sister alone

Our brethren’s burdens we should all share


Bring someone laughter make someone glad

Share your time show someone that you care

May be so little better than none

Bring someone joy and dry someone’s tears


And when our Saviour returns again

Our faithful care and love He’ll reward

The cups of water given for Him

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